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When the homeowers moved into their new home, they never thought they would find items left behind from the previous owners. After all, they did a final walk thru and everything had been cleared out.  Or so they thought.  But that's exactly what happened.  As they were moving  in and putting boxes away in the attic, something caught their eye.  Off to the side and in the distance was a cream colored satchel.  The homeowner says they almost didn't see it because it was the same color as the wall, it just blended in. When they opened it, they couldn't believe what they had found.  They discovered the handbag held a lot of sentimental items; military photos, an honorable discharge certificate from the Armed Forces, a journal and some letters.

The homeowners tried to find the rightful owner, but as it turns out, it didn't belong to the previous owners.  This satchel had been up in that attic for some time.  

The homeowners provided a photo and military certificate. The name on the certificate reads Mark Damien Rosetta.   There is a family out there that needs to be reunited with these items.  There are a lot of memories here.  

If you would like to help find Mark Damien Rosetta, or one of his family members, feel free to share this page.  I'm sure if it's shared enough, someone is bound to know who it belongs to.  the internet is a powerful tool.  

We would love to get this back in their hands.